Chirapsia Energy Healing


Custom Packages Available

Thea is a Medical Medium and Chirapsia Energy Vibration Specialist.

Her uniquely designed offering, Chirapsia Energy Vibration Technique*, is the movement of muscles by hand in a technique to express energetic frequency, which is created by our thoughts, actions, and decisions. The Chirapsia Technique uses the body and movement of muscles to understand a patient’s energetic flow.

Thea’s continuous pursuit of education in the sciences has combined with her application of energy healing. Through her years of experience, she discovered how our individual biology and energetic frequencies intertwine in our lives, an understanding which reveals glimpses into our past, present, and future. Her method awakens a patient’s healthiest and strongest abilities.

Thea has over a decade of experience as a professional Medical Medium; though her intuitive abilities have been natural all her life.

You may schedule private sessions or intuitive coaching for yourself, as a couple or a family. Please note, availability fills up quickly.

*The Chirapsia Energy Vibration Technique blends the science of quantum physics, epigenetics and ontological applications with muscle energetic movement.


What People Say

"Thank you Thea for helping me understand how my thoughts impact my well-being. You truly help me realize my potential as my own "healer"!"
"Each session with Thea is rejuvenating, eye-opening, emotional, intriguing, confirming, and most of all – RELIEVING!"
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