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In-Person/Online Class Schedule

Vital Studio’s in-person classes are back! We want all of our community to stay vital and strong. We still have some online classes as well if that is where you are most comfortable.  Our main goal is for you to join us, connect and move! Beginners and all levels welcome. Please note all classes are in MST.

Yoga Pop-Ups

See calendar for exact schedule, as dates are subject to change. No Signup Required

This is a yoga class led by Dr. Bollmann and is designed to teach you foundational poses and how to keep your body safe in movement. Not your normal yoga class! Good for those who have always wanted to try yoga but have worried they weren’t “fit” enough. 

Mobility issues, health concerns, and modifications are addressed by our licensed integrative doctor and life-long yogini. All welcome! By donation. 

Qi Gong/Sound Therapy

Last Sunday of Every Month - Please Check Calendar to Confirm Schedule

Come enjoy a series of slow purposeful movements to decrease stress and increase energy, clarity and focus! Sound bath will “bathe” your body and brain with deep healing vibrations by tapping into the parts of the brain we don’t use every day.

Please arrive in comfortable clothes and bring any other items you might need to feel comfortable: mat, pillow, blanket, eye mask, etc. 

$40 per person

Wings Group

Second Wednesday of Every Month - Please Check Calendar to Confirm

Do you ever feel surrounded by people, and still feel lonely?

Come join our monthly women’s group for connectivity, support, special activities, seminar speakers, and spiritual growth. All women welcome! 

This group is free to join. Donations accepted for select future events. Led by Dr. Bollmann with special guest speakers and featured activities. 

A Path To Yoga

Saturday's of Every Month

Maggie’s passion for movement began young as a dancer. She fell in love with Yoga as a way to express creativity using the body without the fatiguing effects of dancing. After 8+ years of teaching and training, Maggie is drawn to proper pose alignment, the breath, and expressive sequencing. She finds Yoga a great tool for balancing the nervous system and stimulating brain function, leading to better decision making and confidence. Her teaching style is light and informative, helping inspire her student’s growth, strength, and body acknowledgment.


Somatic Breathwork (Emotional Blockage Release)

See calendar for exact schedule, as dates are subject to change. No Signup Required

Somatic breathwork, a key component of emotional blockage release, is a practice that involves conscious and intentional control of the breath to facilitate the release of stored emotions within the body. Through specific breathing techniques, individuals can explore and unwind emotional tensions, promoting a deeper connection between the mind and body. Somatic breathwork serves as a powerful tool for emotional release, allowing individuals to tap into their inner experiences, release pent-up energy, and foster a sense of balance and well-being.


Mindful Partner Stretching

See calendar for exact schedule, as dates are subject to change. No Signup Required

This class is designed so your mind and body can experience expansion stretches in all directions. We will start with Qi Gong (energy work) to clear up your body and mind from unneeded energy. Then we will move into Tai Chi with slow smooth movements for arthritis and fall prevention. This increases balance and builds inner strength. Lastly, we will work in TriYoga, which coordinates movements with breath and focus and is an effective way to feel full stretches with wall support. We will conclude the session with Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) so body, mind and soul can absorb the benefits of this holistic practice. Beginners welcome!

What you need: resistance band, mat, block, cushion

(Vital Studio can provide these props as needed)

Questions? Contact us!

Call: Vital Medicine for the Soul 480-460-8485 

E-mail: drb@vitalintegrative.com

*Vital Medicine for the Soul, Dr. KeriLyn Bollmann and their instructors are not legally responsible for any injury, health problems, or death that arise from class participation. Please assure your practice area affords space for you to move freely.  

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