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No, you do not need to be a patient of Dr. Bollmann’s to attend classes or take advantage of the other services offered, and vice versa. (Meaning, if Dr. Bollmann recommends one of the services we provide at Vital, you may choose another provider to do those services as you desire.)

Vital hosts Ignite the Studio, a complete yoga studio offering specialty classes you won’t see anywhere else in the Valley, seven days a week! We are also adding more therapy and pro age classes as we grow. We also have different workshops or educational integrative medicine topics every month, depending on the season, or the history of the month. For the most up to date schedule , click the link on the home page, or check the Special Events page.

Vital accepts cash, check, and credit card payments. We also participate in CareCredit®. Dr. Bollmann does not accept insurance; however, many insurance plans other than Medicare may reimburse a portion of physician charges. It is important to check with your insurance company to learn your benefits. If you have an HSA (Health Spending Account), you can designate pre-tax dollars for healthcare, your employer may contribute, and your money stays with you even if you leave your job. An FSA (Flexible Spending Account) is another way to fund your care.

Absolutely yes you will see your physician. At Vital, we maintain that the treatment of complex medical illness and integrative care requires a high level of training you expect from a physician, and therefore you will not see a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant.

For the class schedule, please see the link on the homepage. For Dr. Bollmann’s medical practice, her hours are variable to meet the needs of her patients. Although her practice is by appointment only, same day visits are often available, as well as early morning, evening, and even weekend hours. Just call 480-460-8485 to schedule!

If you are able, it is best to wear comfortable clothes to your appointment, as it may involve some stretching or breathing exercises, foot bath/reflexology, or meditation.

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