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Massage Therapy with Leeann Holguin

Leeann became a massage therapist to help others find natural ways to relieve stress and pain in the body. She expresses her compassion and care for people through her practice. Her goal is to continually expand her knowledge of the human body and how it responds to its internal and external environments.

Leeann has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arizona since 2020. She studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts completing 750 accredited hours where she was introduced to many modalities such as myotherapy, reflexology, cranial unwinding, sports massage, and many others. Leeann enjoys using everything in her toolbelt to provide the best experience for each client. She has worked with a wide range of individuals: athletes, elderly, veterans, soon-to-be-moms and more.

Massage Therapy can alleviate countless ailments such as back pain, headaches, arthritis pain and can also calm a busy mind. Massage promotes blood flow to stagnant areas allowing healing to take place. Leeann’s practice focuses on both the mind and body to achieve the best results. She is eager to work with clients to help them accomplish their individual goals. Passionate about her work, she gives her full attention to each client and their needs.

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