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Moving Into Summer!

Thank you to everyone who attended our open house on May 21st and tried out our yoga teachers’ demo classes! The classes at Vital Studio are just one way to add more movement into your life this summer. Movement is important to your overall health because it decreases cardiovascular risk and improves mental health. In the summer months when it gets brutally hot in Phoenix, it’s important to keep moving – safely. Stay cool by swimming (be sure to drink plenty of water; it’s possible to get dehydrated while swimming and not realize it), taking yoga classes, dancing in your living room, and taking early morning walks.

Some of the benefits of attending movement classes at Vital Studio include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Tuning into your body and its needs
  • Releasing stress
  • Stretching your body and your mind with new poses or ways of moving
  • Meeting new people who are like-minded

If you are traveling this summer, think creatively about how you can incorporate movement into your daily routine. Walk more in new neighborhoods or while sightseeing, spend 20 minutes at the hotel gym, or dive into the lake or ocean you’re visiting. Consider bringing resistance bands with you of varying resistances to exercise wherever you are or just take advantage of carrying your own bags! If you are spending time with children or grandchildren, take advantage of their youthfulness and join them in a game of tag, go for a swim with them or play catch. They need movement just as much as you do, and playing with them serves a dual purpose – you get your body moving and you get to connect with the ones you love.

Whatever you choose to do for movement this summer, make sure to have fun! The more you enjoy what you’re doing, the more likely you are to make it a habit and repeat it. Get moving with people you like, emphasize having a “beginner’s mind” and learn new ways to move, and reward yourself for moving. Treat yourself after that workout or go out for a smoothie with your friends. It’s important to remember that just 20 minutes of movement a day is much better than 1 hour of intense movement a week or worse, no movement at all. Move often, in new ways and with the 3 S’s in mind: stretching, strengthening and steps (or any form of cardio). We look forward to moving with you at Vital Studio soon!

“The body says what words cannot.” -Martha Graham

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