Therapeutic Massage

Brad Zuber, LMT

Brad offers a unique soft tissue manipulation strategy to the treatment of muscle pain, tension, spasm, and injury. He has a versatile approach, using many traditional techniques as well as those akin to manual medicine, depending on your needs.

Brad is able to accommodate his style depending on your injury and comfort level. His expertise is in sports massage and he has many professional athletes as clients.

Brad has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, the flow of energy through the body, and nutrition. This allows him to incorporate structural integration, helping the muscles, bones, fascia, nerves, and other body components work together.

Brad has over 19 years of experience as a professional massage therapist. He has exceptional knowledge, ability, and skill in identifying root causes of musculoskeletal pain and manipulation techniques to restore freedom of movement.


What People Say

"My yoga teacher recommended Brad to me. I have a chronic shoulder issue and wasn't getting results from other massages I would get. Within two treatments I had the range of motion to continue my yoga practice in a way I hadn't practiced in years!"
"Brad's deep tissue massage was better than any physical therapy I've ever received."
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