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 Vital is excited to offer you online and in-person classes to keep you moving. Our classes energize you, let you zen out, and everything in between. Our specialty classes are more than just exercise- they have focused therapeutic benefits. There is something for everyone, and all you need is an open mind. Our expert teachers will take care of the rest! See Class Descriptions below for classes and their explanations.

TriYoga & Mindful Stretching

This class is designed so your mind and body can experience expansion stretches in all directions. We will start with Qi Gong (energy work) to clear up your body and mind from unneeded energy. Then we will move into Tai Chi with slow smooth movements for arthritis and fall prevention. This increases balance and builds inner strength. Lastly, we will work in TriYoga, which coordinates movements with breath and focus and is an effective way to feel full stretches with wall support. We will conclude the session with Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) so body, mind and soul can absorb the benefits of this holistic practice. Beginners welcome!

Yoga Alignment

This is an alignment-based yoga class using blocks, blankets, yoga straps.  The teacher encourages participants to do the movements and flows at their own pace.

Sound Bath

Sound is a subtle yet powerful difference from noise. Noise can be distracting; whereas deliberate use of sound has many beneficial health aspects, including awareness of consciousness and growth. Experience the power of sound to promote self-healing and centeredness. A wide range of instruments are used including: gongs, singing bowls, flutes, percussion, bells, chimes, and reed, to lead you in your journey.

Somatic Breathwork (Emotional Blockage Release)

Somatic breathwork, a key component of emotional blockage release, is a practice that involves conscious and intentional control of the breath to facilitate the release of stored emotions within the body. Through specific breathing techniques, individuals can explore and unwind emotional tensions, promoting a deeper connection between the mind and body. Somatic breathwork serves as a powerful tool for emotional release, allowing individuals to tap into their inner experiences, release pent-up energy, and foster a sense of balance and well-being.

Studies show that more frequent exercise of shorter duration is better than longer exercise sessions less often, to maintain weight, decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, and development of diabetes.


Dr. KeriLyn Bollmann
Dr. KeriLyn Bollmann
Dr. KeriLyn Bollmann
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