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Group Classes and Workshops

 Although COVID has changed a few things around here, Vital is still excited to offer you online and some in-person classes to keep you moving. Our classes energize you, let you zen out, and everything in between. Our specialty classes are more than just exercise- they have focused therapeutic benefits. There is something for everyone and all you need is an open mind. Our expert teachers will take care of the rest! See Class Descriptions below for classes and their explanations.

Clear History

Have you ever cleared your history on your computer, closing all of the browsers and internet sites to “clean and declutter”? This class is formulated to do just that – to your mind and cells in your body! Our Clear History class is rich with a variety of grounding exercises, breath exercises, gentle movement and stretching, meditation and mindfulness to move through your thoughts, actions and emotions from last week, de-stress and refresh and “reset” your mind for maximum vitality for the upcoming week!

Good for:

Busy bodies and minds desiring clarity and focus for the week

Drum Circle

Sound and vibration has been used since ancient civilization to restore balance and in healing ceremonies. Usually held on a full or new moon, this is a Gathering rather than a “class”. There are no teachers or students; rather we are all each other’s teachers and students. People have been drumming together for thousands of years. No experience is necessary and you don’t have to have any rhythm. You can be tone and beat deaf and have two left feet to come and energize your soul, it’s OK. 

Good for:

Anyone and everyone wanting to destress, elevate their mood, and improve their skill in focus and listening

*Drum Circle and Ceremony are donation classes. There is no charge. Please bring a can of food OR a $5 donation for the homeless.

Floor Barre

A 75-minute class devoted to reconnecting the upper and lower body via strengthening the pelvis, hips and core. Using numerous props to both support and challenge the body, we attend to bony rhythms and the muscular patterns that support them. The first portion of the class focuses on neural integration and stress reduction. The middle portion of the class is based on a ballet class with simple exercises to develop strength and mobility with control.  The final portion of the class includes some balance work while lying on a small ball.  You’ll leave the class focused but calm.


This class is for all ages and abilities including athletes, fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens and those recovering from injury. Focus is on creating fluidity through articulation of the spine and joints. Visual and vestibular neural integration promotes balance and stability.

A large portion of the class is performed seated on stools, followed by a standing series and/or floor work. You’ll leave this class feeling invigorated, with greater mental clarity and a sense of calm and ease.

Listening to Your Intuitive Language

Intuitive language classes are designed to help you recognize and strengthen your Intuition. We will walk through understanding your body’s internal and external language, learning the energetic emotional ‘why’ behind impediments you may experience, AND how to loosen or extract the congested energy.  We will work with various restorative applications. You will also be introduced to and become familiar with the Chirapsia Energy Vibration Technique*.

Each 2 hour interactive class will explore various avenues to assist you personally as well as provide you the tools to assist those around you. You may attend each class individually or build ability and knowledge participating in each class as a series.

*The Chirapsia Energy Vibration Technique blends the science of quantum physics, epigenetics and ontological applications with muscle energetic movement.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient practice of movement (similar to Tai Chi) that stimulates stagnating energy (Chi) to leave the body, promoting good health and balance. Beginners welcome!

Sound Bath

Sound is a subtle yet powerful difference from noise. Noise can be distracting; whereas deliberate use of sound has many beneficial health aspects, including awareness of consciousness and growth. Experience the power of sound to promote self-healing and centeredness. Hamid uses a wide range of instruments; including gongs, singing bowls, flutes, percussion, bells, chimes, and reed, to lead you in your journey.

Good for:

Everyone wanting to understand and deepen their own innate ability to heal themselves

Studies show that more frequent exercise of shorter duration is better than longer exercise sessions less often, to maintain weight, decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, and development of diabetes.


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